Well for starters, Halo did an excellent job on Spartan Strike. Games are supposed to outlook, out feel, and outperform their predecessors, and that, to me… is exactly what you can expect from Spartan Strike. First, you will notice that the game functionality and graphics are meticulously adequate… but that’s nothing new is it? Ok, before we get into the features, I have a couple of things I want to point out. The sound is amazing in Spartan Strike.

The responsiveness of the controls is way better than Assault, the feel of the game is better, and the first 6 missions are easy, making it easy to save for some awesome weapons but the time you need them. Spartan Strike also comes with all new weapons, and new armor abilities. Among the new weapons, you will notice:

  1. A Suppressor
  2. A Seatter Shot
  3. An Incineration Canon
  4. A Binary Rifle
  5. Spartan Laser
  6. Spartan Rocket Launcher

With the new armor abilities, you will notice that you get:

  1. Airstrike
  2. Mine
  3. Teleport
  4. Proximity
  5. Shock Chain in the Battlefield

What Else is Different in Halo: Spartan Strike?

Better Control and Overall Experience

Now, I know I already mentioned graphics, but I wanted to make sure that I phrase this exactly right… to avoid any confusion. I didn’t know anything was WRONG with Spartan Assault’s visuals, but I’ve got to be honest here… Spartan Strike blows Assault away without question. You will also notice that the overall control is more responsive. Especially when you need to aim and drive simultaneously. This will make your experience in vehicles when you need to be in control way easier than Assault. This will allow you to stay more focused instead of having to fight with the responsiveness like you notice sometimes in Spartan: Assault. By the same token, you will notice tons more overall vehicle based combat, and it also comes faster AND earlier in the game.

New Credit System and Extras

Something else I would have the throw in here, is that Halo: Spartan Strike is almost identical to Halo: Spartan Assault, but there are shorter campaigns, and new levels. The extras are great too, because if you beat everything with Gold Stars, you will unlock new missions. That being said, the credit system is a little different this time around. You can expand the credits to upgrade your default weapons and power ups on any mission, which is nice, but you will notice that you do not earn as many credits per mission, and the cost of the weapons have changed. However, you will notice that it is relatively easy to earn credits, so no worries. You can also spend the credits on damage and score power-ups, but there’s a catch…. any weapon or upgrade purchased only applies for the next mission. This means you will need to budget your credits a little better if you want them to last you.

 Better Gameplay Modifiers

The gameplay the modifiers are a little tweaked in this Spartan Strike compared to other games. You can apply difficulty skulls to increase the percentage of credits earned, in turn making the game more difficult. So, if you like being able to tailor difficulty, this does give you an option. The Rocket Launcher will likely be one of your favorites, and the Spartan Laser is worth mentioning. You will also notice a more full-bodied all around gameplay, with a more narrative based interaction. In Spartan Assault you just get told what your mission is and dropped off to fight through it on your own, and in Strike your experience is more guided. second top down shooter released.

Final Thoughts

What makes Spartan Strike a perfect sequel, is that everything in Spartan Assault is improved in Spartan Strike. Aiming is improved, for one thing. With an extra little guide on the screen about halfway between you and your target, it helps you make sure you are dead on while shooting. Overall the battle feels more tactical, and it seems easier to be in control. Now that I brought up tactical, I may as well warn you to watch out. The missions are not as easy to just blast through killing Covenant and Promethean enemies… watch out for the watchers. They revive their dead, and can make your life miserable if you don’t stay focused on your surroundings. The last 5 levels can only be unlocked if you get gold level, so to get enough gold for this, you may need to spend some XP on some boosters. Stay on grinding for XP and keep a skull attached so that you get some bonus XP… you will need it. One more thing, if you thought that the micro transactions ruined the purity of Spartan Assault like a lot of people have commented, you will like Spartan Strike, as they are gone. There’s no online co op or split-screen co op. You will only find that on console games. This is fine by many, but may not work for everyone. Overall, if I had to pick between Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike, I would say Spartan Strike without wincing. It just has an overall better flow, better control, and better feel to it, and lots of new toys! I hope this review helps, and thanks for listening!