One of the most awaited first-person shooter video games on the market was no other than Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One. This game, which has single-player and multiplayer modes, was released around the globe on October 27, 2015. Outselling Halo 4, it was able to garner more than $400 million in sales in the first 24-hours after its release. Even though it was introduced to gamers two years ago, it is still selling like hotcakes due to its innovative structure, and it does not seem like this is going to change anytime soon.

Halo 5: A Very Engaging Game That Can Keep You Up for Hours

The plot of Halo 5 consists of the following of two fire teams that are structured of super soldiers: Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team. Just as it is with Halo 4, this game utilizes motion capture for character animation. It comes accompanied with new characters designs and new abilities that make the entire game even more engaging. It is has been noted that Halo 5 can be very addicting to the point of you looking at the clock and asking yourself how in the world did time go by so fast.

It is important to note that Halo 5 does not feature any local networking or offline capabilities, which can definitely be a major issue to some of you, but even so, this has not stopped numerous people from getting their hands on it, as what it comes accompanied with elements that totally recompense this downfall.

More Noteworthy Pros of Halo 5

In order to maintain a frame rate that consists of 60 frames every second, this game has an engine that scales its resolution, which is something that cannot be said about other popular games on the market. Due to its first class level design, visuals, gameplay, and multi-player modes, Halo 5 has been able to garner numerous positive reviews from both gamers and critics. The art team that designed of this game decided to take a different direction in the graphics, which many applauded them for doing so. Its writing, story, length, and end have also been highly talked about in the media and on forums in a positive light.

After the release of Halo 4, creators wanted to develop a new game, one that would be more engaging than previous releases. The reason to this is because they took into account what gamers and critics were saying about Halo 4; therefore, they wanted to better the next release to meet the preferences of most gamers as much as they possibly could. We have to say that with the Halo 5, they definitely were able to achieve this. The creators definitely knocked it out of the park in every aspect, hence why it is considered one of the best games that has been released in the decade.

Put Halo 5 to the Test

If you still have not played Halo 5, go ahead and check it out so that you, too, can start engaging in everything that it has to offer gamers that only like dealing with first class games that are structured of innovative elements.