I just wanted to share this story of how I accidentally crashed my Xbox. I woke up and played Halo 4 in the morning before work like I always do. Everything was fine. When I got back home from work in the afternoon, I turned my game back on and it was taking forever to load up. So after about 3-4 minutes, I got impatient and unplugged it. I didn’t think anything of it, because I do that to other stuff all the time and I’ve never had anything happen. It just resets it like you started it up again. So, I thought at worst I would lose my saved levels. When I turned it back on, it wouldn’t come up but for a few second before shutting off really quickly. I tried to re-plug it in about 4 different times before finally getting online on my mom’s computer to get help. I hit mirc to talk to my friend, but he had never had that happen, so I went straight to support.xbox.com.

When I get to the support site, I couldn’t even get a live person.The tech a real was an automated answer. I could tell because she answered too quick. So, I told her what happened, and she was like, “Here is a link with some steps to try, did this answer your question? Yes or no?” So, by this time, I’m about ready to throw something. So out of a mere act of desperation, I try the link she gave me. The link sent me to a page with 2 sets of instructions. I tried the first set of instructions… nothing. So, at this point I was so frantic, that my nerves were playing against me. I stopped after that to see if my dog might have bumped the plug during the day sometime while I was at work, because he has done that before.

At this point, I decided to go to the store and get a Coke, and just deal with the mess when I got back, because by now I felt like I could take out a whole army with my bare hands. When I got back with my Thirst Buster and I’m like… OK… One more time, and if it doesn’t work, I am going to pitch a fit. So I start messing with my Xbox. Jiggling stuff… checking everything, and I switched plugs too, just to be sure. Then, nothing was working, and I remembered the URL she sent me to had more directions sitting under the first ones I went through.

When I saw them, I knew why I had avoided them the first time. They were steps to perform a full reset. I thought I would lose my progress on my game, would have no way to recover it, and I was trying to avoid having to go all the way back through. Well, I decided at this point that I had nothing to lose so I did the steps… AND IT WORKED!! I couldn’t believe it. I felt like such a jerk. I thought well, these people manufacture the Xbox. So, if anyone knows how to work on an Xbox, it’s them, I mean, they would be the best at it because they build it. So from now on I am doing what they tell me. I pasted the steps that they gave me below, so if you run into this problem, you may not pull your hair out before you get it going again.

Xbox 360 – First Try Clearing the Cache

  1. Press the Guide Button on Your Controller
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select System Settings.
  4. Select “Storage” or “Memory”.
  5. Highlight any Storage Device
  6. Press “Y” on Your Controller.
  7. Select “Clear System Cache”.
  8. When Prompted: It Should Ask You to Confirm Storage Device Maintenance Select “Yes”.

If none of this works, then follow the following instructions:

Xbox 360 – Then Try a Re-Install

  1. 1. Press the Guide button
  2. 2. Select Settings
  3. 3. Select System Settings
  4. 4. Select Storage
  5. 5. Select Hard Drive
  6. 6. Select Games and Apps
  7. 7. Press “Y” on the title of the game, to delete it.

As long as you didn’t drop it, it should be recoverable. Here are both sets of steps just incase the first one works for you, maybe this will save you some trouble! I will never not finish the steps again. I could have save an hour of groaning just by trying. Besides, if you do have a totally broken Xbox, what are you looking at anyway? Repair? So basically be calm… follow the steps… and remember that you did have a life before the Xbox.